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On October 23rd through the 25th the Missouri Ozarks Power Squadron hosted the District 30 Fall Conference. All activities were held at the Quails Nest Inn in Osage Beach, Missouri. The management of the Quail's Nest helped make this a super event. They went out of their way to make sure this was a great experience for everyone. Our hosts were Michael Snively, Carol Prosser and Brad Tracy. They made this a smooth running and enjoyable conference for all. They pulled from many resources in the lake area which helped make this a great operation. Friday night MOPS hosted a great hospitality room.

Everything at Quail's Nest Inn was close at hand. Many of the ladies elected to go to the Outlet Mall and do their best to jump start the economy. Others went to the Danley room and continued being hospitable. The Chief's Representative to this event was R/C Alan Wentworth who has visited us in the past and is a very good friend to us. Alan came early and joined us in our activities. Council meeting #121 started at 8:30 AM and was conduction by D/C Ken Danley. Business was discussed and we broke for a series of presentations. P/D/C Ed Bialecke gave a presentation on Leadership and Operations Training.

P/D/C Gus Elia have a three part presentation. These were: On the Water Training, Boat Operator Certification and How to become a Boat Operator Certifier. We broke for lunch and then held the Conference Meeting in the afternoon. The evening meal was great and was catered to the motel by friends of Carol's. After dinner Betty Danley had us play "Who's Smarter than a Fifth Grader. Most of us were not. It was a great time with lots of laughs. All in all this was a great conference put on by a small group of energetic people. Thank You MOPS !

P/D/C Gus Elia, AP