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A great time was had by all that attended District 30's Cruise and Rendezvous in Frisco, Colorado. This fun filled event was hosted by the Boulder Valley Sail and Power Squadron. This event was very well attended and took place from Friday evening July 17th through Sunday the 19th. As usual, BVSPS put on an unforgetable event for the members of District 30. For those that arrived early on Friday, boats were available on Dillon Lake. Terry and I left St. Louis on Thursday and after spending the night in Oakley, Kansas, we arrived in time to have a nice lunch at the marina and then go for a ride with Bob and Diane Cummings in their powerboat. Our son Andy was with us on this trip and the five of us went out on a grand tour of Dillon Lake. The winds were strong, creating a bit of a chop on the lake and Bob got us pretty wet as we toured the corners of the lake.

It was am exciting time though and we enjoyed the fun with Bob and Diane. Some sail boaters were out that afternoon as well and even with reefed sails were moving along with their rails in the water. Saturday, we woke early to have our Council Meeting in the upper room at the Backcountry Brewery. Business was conducted and we adjoured to the marina where we were broken into the goups that we would be boating with. A light breakfast was served at the waterside while preparations were made to shove off. Greg Dostal took orders for lunch meals and we were off. Norm Brown was our captain and after a safety update we shoved off. We had a very enjoyable sail with great company. At lunch time we turned downwide and went to a quite cove for a raft-up.

Nine boats were there. Sailboats, powerboats, kayaks and A.D.'s kayak with outriggers, we were all in that cove. We rafted up in a prescribed order to make moving from boat to boat easier and safer. I couldn't get an exact count but I counted about 42 people on the 9 boats. What an awsome thing! Lunches were served and with a full belly many continued to boat while others called it a day. After a little bit of relaxation we headed back to the Backcountry Brewery for some cocktails, socializing and then dinner. The food was super. After diner we returned to our rooms. The next day some of our members wen't out for more boating. Terry, Andy and myself continued on to the rest of our 14 day 4200 mile road trip. We won't forget the great time that BVSPS gave us. Once again they did everything first class. On behalf of everyone in District 30, I thank you very much.

P/D/C Gus Elia, AP